Debt Settlement

The process of debt settlement is a viable and effective option for many people who are struggling with expensive loans. For those unsure about how to pay back their debts, this form of relief can help them avoid bankruptcy by negotiating directly with creditors in order to reduce the amount they owe. In today's economy, creditors have been more willing than ever before - especially if you're having trouble paying your bills - to forgive some that money owed or accept lower payments on what is left over after settling part of it off.

Having a qualified Knoxville lawyer fight on your behalf in to lower monthly payments, and how much you are willing to pay can bring you back to the financial safe zone, saving you money, and lowering risk.

Our Knoxville Tennessee team is committed to helping each of our clients find the unique debt relief solution that’s just right for them. We’re not satisfied with you getting out of a bad situation; we want to help get back on your feet and give you full financial recovery – something many people need after encountering tough circumstances like bankruptcy, foreclosure or divorce. Our passion in this mission comes from knowing how important it is for so many families who come across these life-changing events.

Is Debt Settlement the Right Solution for Me?

If you’re looking to make a fresh start and are considering debt settlement, there’s one thing that is certain: You need to know what kind of debts you have. If your loans aren’t secured by real estate or property like cars and homes – for example medical bills, car repossessions, business debt- then it may be possible to settle them down so they become more manageable.

Other unsecured liabilities include credit card accounts which can sometimes also be negotiated into settled payments with the lender in order not to incur any further penalties on top of those already incurred while paying off balances. Some examples of debts that cannot legally go through this process include government student loans as well as utility companies since these unpaid dues usually serve the publics interests.

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